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Spring is Here! Now is the Perfect Time to Buy Or Sell a House!
Spring is Here! Now is the Perfect Time to Buy or Sell Your House!

Home for Sale in SpringFirst Day of Spring! If you are Thinking of Buying or Selling, the Time is Right Now!

Today, March 20, 2017 marks the first day of spring. With warmer days and shorter nights, flowers in bloom, and summer right around the corner, some find this time of year their favorite.

For realtors, this time of year also means a traditional increase in activity.  Homebuyers are looking for their dream home in a traditional mass of available homes. For homeowners, spring also marks a time to consider listing their home for sale when kids are just about out of school and homes show better.

So why is spring such a great time to consider purchasing a new home?


Savvy homebuyers know that it takes time to find the perfect home, and sometimes that perfect home is also the perfect home for other families. Bidding wars and prices above their budget keep some homebuyers from finding their dream home as early as they want. Smart shopping and realistic expectations extend the time-period to find the home that is just right.  Escrow closings and delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as repairs or contracts that fall out are some of the other smart reasons to start shopping for a new home before you are ready to move.

Think of the kids

Spring give new families time to find a home to move into during summer when kids are out of school and can transition more easily into their new neighborhood.  Meeting new friends, joining sports or clubs, and taking time to transition to a new place equates to a better start for school-age children.  Moving just before school starts or during the middle of the school year can be tough on children.

More inventory

Typically, there is more inventory on the market in the spring, when freshly bloomed flowers and warm weather make homes visually more appealing and cozier. With fresh breezes, longer daylight hours, and the showcasing of backyard displays, homes often show better.

Spring marks a great time to sell, too!

With the holidays behind and the weather warmer, spring provides the perfect time to motivate homeowners who want to move to a new area, downsize, or upscale.

Picture Perfect

Pink and white blossoms, blue skies, and a varietal of spring bulbs make the perfect backdrop to a great marketing piece. Show off the spring garden, patio, yard, pool in a natural setting with the perfect light. Spring is an amazing time to capture your home at its finest.

Cabin fever brings out the buyers

The winter blahs are behind and buyers are more anxious to get out and leave the cabin fever until next winter. Studies show that even in locations with moderate climates year-round, buyers are more likely to come out in the spring.

Make Your Next Move and Settle In

Selling a home in the spring provides you a perfect timeframe to settle into your new home before school starts and the holiday madness brings on too much stress and an endless list of things-to-do.

We Can Help You With Your Buying and Selling Needs

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, we can help you with your needs. We have been selling property for over 30 years in the Tri-Valley and East Contra Costa areas and beyond. Make your next move with us. Visit us online or call us at 925-997-2296.

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