Metro Realty,
The Property Management Company
Specializing in sales, leasing, and property management in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Owners Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Metro Property Management been in Business?

Metro has been managing properties for over 16 years. Many of our owners have been with us for many years and are so satisfied with our service that they refer other owners to us. (see testimonials)

What Areas do you service?

We service the entire Bay Area including Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. We service all the cities listed below.

  • Danville
  • Alamo
  • San Ramon
  • Dublin
  • Livermore
  • Pleasanton
  • Castro Valley
  • San Leandro
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Walnut Creek
  • Antioch
  • Pittsburg
  • Oakley
  • Brentwood
What if I only want to use Metro Property Management to lease my rental?

We have worked with many owners who only want to use Metro to lease out their property. Our diligent screening process and extensive marketing campaign will help find a qualified tenant in a timely manner. 

Do I need to make any improvements to my house to rent it?

Potential tenants are most attracted to homes that are clean, well-kept, and maintained inside and out. Metro Property Management will do a walk thru of both the inside and landscaping around the property and make suggestions that will make your property desirable for prospective tenants. The better shape a house is in, the more likely it is to be rented quickly. Pride of ownership is the best marketing tool.

Should I get a gardener or a pool company to maintain my landscape and pool?

While this decision is up to you, it is generally in everyone's best interest to pay a gardener and a pool company to maintain your landscape and pool. Tenants may not keep up their end of the lease to maintain the yard, leaving you with more to maintain upon move out. Because pools are such a large expense, having a professional maintain them is the best ida. Tenants often choose to pay more rent than have to worry about keeping up a yard or pool. 

What are your fees?

Our Management fees are 1/2 months rent plus $195.00 marketing fees paid in advance. Managing fees 6% with $100.00 minimum. Lease Up fees are 7% of 1 Years Gross Rent plus $195.00 marketing fee.

How will you advertise my property?

Metro Realty advertises on its website,, which many prospective tenants check on a daily basis. In addition Metro advertises on all the top sites including Craigslist, Google, MLS, Hot Pads, Rent Marketer. Metro also advertises on Trulia, Zillow and more than 50 websites across the country. We use signs, banners, Open Houses, call capture numbers. On select properties we create single property websites.

How long does it take to rent a house?

Each situation is different, depending on the area, market demand, price, location, and condition of property. Our goal is to rent your home as quickly as possible. Be assured, our primary goal is a quality tenant that will take care of your home and pay rent on time. 

What criteria do you look for in a tenant?

We do a complete review of each tenant and look for a tenant who has good credit, stable employment, and a good rental history. We also verify that the tenant has enough reserves in their bank account and can cover the security deposit. We also try and select tenants that will treat your home as their own. 

How do you handle repair requests?

Tenants can submit a repair request on-line on our website at any time or can call us directly. We immediately work with one of the vendors to correct the problem. 

What happens if the tenant wants out of the lease before it is over?

Most tenants do not intend to break a lease, however, sometimes, circumstances arise that force them to break the lease. In these cases, the tenant is responsible for continuing to make payments until a suitable replacement tenant is found. The original tenant is responsible for the costs involved in re-renting the property, but all efforts are made to rent the property as quickly as possible to minimize the tenant's costs.

When do I get my money each month?

The rents are due on the first of the month... You will receive your money by the 10th of the month along with your statement. 

Do you keep money in my account for emergencies?

Yes, we keep a reserve fund in the amount of $350 to $500 for just circumstances. The repair will be ordered and you will receive a copy of the repairs along with the bill. 

What if my tenant stops paying?

If you have hired us to manage your property, we will handle all of the necessary steps to begin collecting the money. Should the tenant still not pay after the 5 day grace period, we have them served with a 3 day notice to pay or vacate the property. If we do not receive payment, our attorneys will begin the formal process of evicting the tenant. Costs to evict the tenant are paid for by the owner. Generally an eviction that is not contested runs $1,200.00 to $1,500.00.

Late payments and non-payments are two different issues. We strive to keep good tenants who sometimes have payment issues. If, however, they fail to pay as agreed, we aggressively pursue and eviction.