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Notice About Property Taxes!
Property Taxes

Metro Realty would like to remind you that the second installment of property taxes are due on Monday, April 10, 2017.  Annual Property Tax Installments are due twice a year, November 1 and February 1 in California. Home owners have until December 10 and April 10 to pay the taxes without penalty, as long as payment is received by 5 pm those two days.

How Can I Pay My Property Taxes?

Check with your county tax assessor, but payments can generally be made by check, phone, in person, credit or debit card or automatic withdrawal of a checking account.  Certain restrictions apply, so please be aware.

Paying by Debit or Credit Card

Homeowners wishing to pay via their debit or credit card are subject to a processing fee.

Mailing My Payment

It is strongly advised that homeowners mail their payment in the envelope provided by the County.  Include the payment stub along with the check and make sure the envelope is stamped by 5 pm on the 10th.  Late fees can incur if the envelope is not stamped.  Payments are considered on time as long as they are postmarked by the 10th.

Paying Over the Phone

Be sure to have a credit card or checking account number handy when paying by phone.  You may be asked for your address or parcel number to verify the correct address for payment.

Paying in Person

Check the county your residence is in and the hours of operation.  You can pay in person with a check or credit or debit card. Ask about fees incurred if using a debit or credit card.

Late Payments

If you are late paying your installment, the county has the right to impose a 10% fee on you.  

What if I Disagree with the Value of My Home as Assessed on My Tax Notification?

The county allows you to challenge the assessed value of your home.  Check with your individual county for more information.

What if I Cannot Pay My Property Taxes?

If you cannot pay your propety taxes, interest and penalties will accrue.  You could have a lien put on your home and in the worst case and over time, you could lose your home in a property sale.  In some cases of hardship, you can receive some sort of help.  It's best to consult a tax attorney for your individual case as soon as you think you may not be able to afford your taxes.

What Do Propety Taxes Pay For?

A hefty expense, property taxes are not in vain.  They are used to pay for county and municipal services. Road construction, maintenance, and governement salaries such as those for fire and police officials and local public works department receive the benefit of residential and commercial owners' property taxes.

How are my Property Taxes Assessed?

Values are based upon the existing home value and its land.  In October property owners receive a statement with a value of their home.  Values and property taxes can change.  Property owners can check their tax history and get more information online.  Check with your county tax assessor website for more information.



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