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How to Choose a Realtor that is Right for You
Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home can be one of the most expensive decisions you make in a lifetime. That choice can also be an emotional choice for some homeowners who may be selling the family home, relocating to a new territory, or even selling their parent’s home.

Buying a home can be an equally emotional decision. Distinguishing wants verses needs can be a difficult task when one has to compromise. Add the elements of price negotiations, the thoroughness of inspections, the intricacies of qualifying, and the mounds of paperwork that go into each transaction, and the entire home buying, home selling process can be one big headache.

Hiring the right real estate agent can mean the difference between a smooth transaction and a nightmare. Here are a few tips to help you choose a realtor that is right for you.

  • Interview a few different realtors so you can determine whose personality, working style, and tactics line up with yours.
  • Do your homework.  Check out their online profiles, call their references, ask neighbors and friends what they know about that person.
  • Decide if you want to work with just one person, a team, or a group and realize the pros and cons of each choice.  A group or team may be more available to you, whereas a single realtor will be doing every step of the transaction.
  • Ask the realtor how long they’ve been in the business, which company they represent, their tactics, strengths, and weaknesses.  Jumping from one company to the next can be a red flag.  If you’re worried, ask about their history and why they’ve left or stayed with a company.
  • Determine their bandwidth and how much time they have to spend with you.  Are you able to call or communicate after standard hours, or are you held within certain hours?
  • Ask about the terms of a contract you sign, if any, and make sure there are clear and concise terms with which you agree.
  • Ask about the community you are looking to move.  Do they have knowledge about the schools, parks, recreation, top hot spots, eateries, shopping, neighborhood happenings?
  • Determine their thoughts on the market, their negotiating skills, and their relationship with other realtors.  Are they out for the quick sale or do they have your best interest in mind?  Do other realtors like to work with them or avoid them?  This could affect your chances of a fair offer or purchase.
  • Research any history of complaints or violations and make sure their license is up-to-date.
  • Ask what tactics they are going to use to market your home.  Do they have a website dedicated to your home?  Do they have a social media presence to expand the reach of the people who see your home? How many open houses are they going to have?
  • Research their previous sales. Are the homes similar to yours or the ones you are looking to buy?  Avoid a realtor who isn’t used to dealing with the type of home you are buying or selling.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the East Bay-Tri-Valley Area, we can help.  We have over 30 years of experience helping investors, home buyers, and sellers purchase and sell their residential homes. Contact us today! 925-556-1976.

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