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What Improvements Add Value to Your Home?
What Improves the Value of a Home

Every homeowner has his or her own taste.  Some people like hardwood floors while others prefer carpet.  Some like colorful specs of tile in mosaic patterns while others prefer granite.  Plain paint or colors.  Four inch floorboards or two. But in the bigger scheme, some home modifications bring top resale value while others do not.  

When you make a modification to your home, keep in mind the resale value that alteration is bringing-if any. Generally, home improvements to the bathroom or kitchen are worthwhile, as the home owner will recoup the costs in the sale of the home. New faucets, granite, travertine, or marble flooring or countertops, and new appliances are attractive to prospective homeowners.  New cement and landscaping is aesthetically pleasing. These are good investments.  

New carpeting, hardwood flooring, and a fresh coat of paint on the inside and out can also add to the value of a home during sale, as long as the quality is good and the paint choice is neutral.

The addition of a pool or solar elements can often be a subject of controversy among possible homebuyers. While you thought a crystal clear pool would be a fun and enticing, some people may find pools unattractive. They can be expensive, a safety hazard, and a time-soaker. Solar is a popular addition, as long as the expense to put it in outweighs the long term expenses. But not everyone wants to turn to solar energy, so that could be detrimental to a sellar when attracting a homebuyer.

Consider Resale Value Before Making any Alterations

Your home is your castle.  When you live there, you want to make your home comfortable and up to your standards and likes. By all means, create the home of your dreams.  But be aware that not everyone will like your tastes and style. Not everyone will appreciate the modifications to your home.

When it comes time to selling your home, meet with an experienced real estate professional to get advice on how you can get the best value from your home.

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Peter Polce is a licensed real estate broker with over 30 years of experience.  He has helped many people with buying and selling properties in the Bay Area and beyond.  If you are thinking of selling and would like information on getting the best value out of your home, or if you are looking to buy a home, please give us a call. 925-556-1976.

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